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  1. BATTERY CLAMPS ensure high current transfer without the power robbing consequences of a high resistence connection.
  2. GROUND TERMINALS minimize resistance and the consequent power losses associated with poor system grounding.
  3. FUSE HOLDERS are the first element to protect your vehicle and yourself from dangerous short circuits. The high temperature case and waterproof construction ensure reliability in any environmental condition.
  4. POWER & GROUND CABLES are of fundamental importance to obtain reference performance from your car audio/video system. Mainpower and power flow cables special structure minimizes eddy current power losses and ensures high instantaneous current transfer, enabling you to experience the full dynamics of your music.
  5. FUSED DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS available in two or four position outputs, or in a modular version. AFS fuses are used to protect even the most complicated car audio/video system. The wide range of AFS values allows you to choose the right fuse for each component in your system.


  1. GROUND DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS are as important to your system’s overall performance as the power distribution. Solid, low resistance ground points prevent harmful voltage differences between components and improve high-level current transfer without power loss.
  2. SUPERFARADTM capacitors act as a “current reserve” storing DC energy for when your amplifiers will need it most.
  3. AUDIO INTERCONNECTS are the first components in your system where audio signals pass through. For faithful reproduction, they must transfer these signals from the head unit to the amplifiers without modifying the sound, while, at the same time, rejecting the tremendous amount of noise radiated by on-board computer-controlled devices.
  4. SPEAKER CABLES provide thet last step for in-car faithful reproduction. They ensure the transfer of music to your speakers without signal coloration or degradation.

How to choose the proper Power & Ground cable size for your system

*How to calculate current draw of your system

I = Current draw of your system in ampere;
TP = Total power (RMS) of all channels of all amplifiers in your system;
Vbatt = Usually value is 12 V, the nominal automotive electrical system voltage.


  • Your total system power (RMS) of all channels in all amplifiers is a combined 650 W.
  • Your amplifiers averange 50% efficiency, as most amplifiers today.
  • Your electrical system is 12 Volt.

On the table above, find the corresponding current draw on the left hand side of the chart. Then on the bottom of the chart find how long the cable run will be. Where these two points intersect in the table is the Connection mininum recommended gauge size to use for the reliable performance of your system.